Hunters Heritage Council Names Larry Hoff “Legislator of the Year”!

The Hunters Heritage Council has named Larry Hoff Legislator of the year for 2020. Their PAC has also endorsed Hoff for reelection as State Representative in the 18th Legislative district.

I was raised with the heritage of hunting and conservation. I have fought hard to represent hunters and conservationists and protect their rights to engage in the sports they love. To have my efforts recognized by The Hunter’s Heritage Council is a high honor,” Hoff said.

According to their website, “In Washington State, there is only one PAC that works to elect pro-hunting candidates at the state and local level and that is the Hunters Heritage Council PAC. HHC PAC is dependent on the generosity of hunters, sportsmen and their organizations for its funding.”

Larry with his loyal bird dog “Dottie” after some success.

Clark County Association of Realtors Endorses Hoff

The Clark County Association of Realtors has given an early endorsement to Larry Hoff in his bid to win reelection as State Representative in the 18th legislative district.

“I have enjoyed working with The Clark County Association of Realtors in the legislature. Their members have a unique perspective on issues that surround our local housing market. They work tirelessly to ensure people can find quality affordable homes in our region while setting the highest standards for their profession.” Hoff said.

According to their website, “The Clark County Association of Realtors prepares educated and innovative real estate professionals to become engaged leaders in our ever-changing communities.”

Building Industry Endorses Hoff

The Building Industry Association of Clark County’s (BIA) political action committee Building Industry Group has endorsed Larry Hoff’s bid for reelection to the Washington State House of Representatives.
In response Representative Hoff said, “The BIA represents over 12,000 hard working professionals in the construction industry. They are the region’s leading building industry and small business advocate. I am more than honored to receive their endorsement for re-election. Thank you BIA!”

Association of Realtors Endorse Hoff!

The Clark County Association of Realtors has endorsed Larry Hoff for State Representative in the 18th Legislative district.  Larry was informed of the endorsement by The Association’s Public Affairs Director, Rian Davis in a phone call Thursday.

“The Clark County Association of Realtors is one of the most important players in protecting private property rights and addressing housing affordability here in Clark County,” Hoff said.   “I am deeply honored that the association has decided that I am the better choice when it comes to representing the people on these critical issues.”

According to their website;
“One of the key services offered to members by the Clark County Association of REALTOR® is research and information on governmental activities, and representation before local governments by Government Affairs Committee Members and a Governmental Affairs Consultant (GAC).

CCAR government action policies are developed through the Governmental Affairs Committee and reported to and approved by the CCAR Board of Directors. CCAR positions and policies in support of private property rights and to the right of REALTORS® to conduct business are advanced pro-actively through contact with public officials, BOD resolutions, press releases, position papers and information forums and testimony before public bodies.

The objective of the policies is to increase REALTOR® visibility within governmental entities and with the public, influence change when appropriate to ensure the continued protection of property rights, and support reasonable community planning and infrastructure development to promote affordable housing.”

I-1631, A Road Map to Bloated Bureaucracy

I-1631 – – the Carbon Tax initiative has been officially named the “PROTECT WASHINGTON ACT”. I just finished reading it and it does a lot of things but “protecting Washington” is not one of them.

Let me preface this by stating that no one is more appreciative of clean air and water and our beautiful environment than I am. As an avid outdoors-man, I feel honored to live in an environment that defines “clean” as its guiding principle. Preserving our natural beauty is more than vital to our state’s core beliefs. As you read I-1631 however, you will soon see that this initiative only serves to add many additional layers of high cost government bureaucracy to an already bloated state government. It calls for politically appointed boards to authorize other politically appointed boards to direct a variety of state agencies to draft numerous regulations and policies that are merely referred to in concept within the initiative. Its funding core includes a tax on carbon emitters which equates to a fuel tax (projected to be around 15 cents per gallon) for all consumers in addition to the higher cost of many products as the majority of everything we purchase is delivered by trucks, which would be paying the higher cost of fuel.

Although there are many other equally troubling facets within I-1631, the unobstructed growth of government, coupled with the tax to pay for this growth being hoisted on the backs of our citizens gives me the greatest concern.

If all Washingtonian’s read I-1631 prior to voting on it in November, it would die of its own weight. I urge you to read all or at least parts so that you can help interpret it for your friends and neighbors.

I’m voting NO on I-1631. I hope you do the same.

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