Former Executive Director of the Washington Farm Forestry Association Endorses Hoff

Pictured on my left is Rick Dunning, local Farm Forester and past Executive Director of the Washington Farm Forestry Association. My campaign was honored to receive Mr. Dunning’s endorsement at last night’s (2-23-2018) dinner. On my right is another local Forester and an icon in the local Farm Forestry Association, Fred Pickering. A strong set of family values, work ethics and a love of the land radiate from both of these gentlemen.

According to thier website Washington Farm Forestry Association(WFFA) is an organization of small forest landowners.

Their goals are:

  • to provide educational programs for their members to help them manage their forest land better;
  • to be a voice representing small forest landowners in Olympia;
  • to promote fair taxation and regulation on the federal, state, and local government levels so that forest management can continue for generations to come;
  • to increase public awareness of family-owned forests.


The Good – The Bad and The Ugly

This proposed supplemental budget reminds me of an Eastwood movie – The Good – The Bad and The Ugly.

The “good” is that our economy has improved and current tax rates will put more than a billion dollars of new money into the next budget. Another “good” idea is temporarily lowering property taxes.

Unfortunately the “bad” and the “ugly” are pretty bad and ugly: a capital gains income tax. A new tax that opens the door for other income taxes and the reckless expansion of government we’ve seen in other high tax states.

I’d prefer a budget that gave back a big part of the new budget surplus to tax payers, and put even more aside in the well named “rainy day fund.”

Columbian Blogs Endorsements

The Columiban’s Jake Thomas takes notice and blogs about endorsement video.
“Larry Hoff, a retired credit union executive who is running for Pike’s seat, posted a video on Facebook and Twitter that touted endorsements from U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Clark County Councilors Julie Olson and John Blom, County Auditor Greg Kimsey and Washington’s Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman….” Read more


Larry Hoff awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Outgoing Fibre Federal Credit Union CEO Larry Hoff received a Lifetime Achievement award recognizing his work to promote the credit union movement and charitable organizations over his decades-long career.

Larry Hoff receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in SeaTac.
Courtesy Fibre Federal Credit Union

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