Now it’s your Turn!

Tuesday will mark the end of the election season. This race has been a very long, hard, expensive race. But, I would do it all over again because I know how important this seat is to the State of WA.  We have just a few days to make our case to the voter! Please encourage your family and friends to vote…and explain to them why it’s so important. This seat is so important if we are to achieve any measure of balance in Olympia.  It’s no secret the Democrats want to create new ‘revenue’ by raising taxes and creating new ones, like a new state income tax.  It’s even in their Party Platform, which they strive to enact. We can win! We just need to VOTE!!

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Now it’s time to do your part!  It’s time for you to exercise that sacred right that so many have fought and died for throughout our nation’s history.   You need to VOTE!   Regardless of how you feel about other races on your ballot, this race will likely impact your life and the lives of all Washingtonians for years to come.   Imagine a state income tax. Imagine less oversight on the already out of control agencies that encroach on our daily lives.  Imagine the same Democrat party, who has created the education crisis, continuing to put special interests ahead of our children.

Who votes and how we vote will determine the fate of our state.

I’m honored by your support and I appreciate your vote.