Pot, Meet Kettle!

Earlier this week Larry Hoff’s opponent sent out an email claiming that an independent expenditure promoting Larry Hoff’s campaign was… “a Republican Special Interest group…” and is “…trying to buy voters in the 18th District.”

Well Pot, meet the Kettle!
A quick review of Larry’s opponent’s Public Disclosure filings shows her campaign has received direct contributions up to nearly $140,000.00 from liberal leaning and Democrat special interests groups.  That’s not all!!!!  Many of these groups are from outside Clark County!   $75,000 has come from the House Democrat Campaign Committee who is based in Seattle!
She’s very proud to be financed by these groups and posts them like NASCAR sponsorships.

The next time you hear Larry’s opponent act outraged about outside money buying votes, ask her…   Who has bought her votes?

Steven Nelson, Media Director – Friends to Elect Larry Hoff