Washington Farm Bureau Endorses Hoff!

The Washington Farm Bureau has endorsed Representative Larry Hoff’s campaign for reelection to the State House of Representatives. The Washington Farm Bureau is a voluntary, grassroots advocacy organization representing the social and economic interests of farm and ranch families at the local, state and national levels.

“Whatever you’ve been eating lately – a farmer either grew it or raised it. Our farmers are a very important piece of the bedrock forming our society and their daily efforts should be applauded. I’m very proud to receive the endorsement of those hard working women and men.”, Hoff said in reaction to the endorsement.

Larry is no stranger to the challenges of farm life. Larry’s first employment experiences were on farms and he still helps friends and family when an extra set of hands are needed.

Hunters Heritage Council Names Larry Hoff “Legislator of the Year”!

The Hunters Heritage Council has named Larry Hoff Legislator of the year for 2020. Their PAC has also endorsed Hoff for reelection as State Representative in the 18th Legislative district.

I was raised with the heritage of hunting and conservation. I have fought hard to represent hunters and conservationists and protect their rights to engage in the sports they love. To have my efforts recognized by The Hunter’s Heritage Council is a high honor,” Hoff said.

According to their website, “In Washington State, there is only one PAC that works to elect pro-hunting candidates at the state and local level and that is the Hunters Heritage Council PAC. HHC PAC is dependent on the generosity of hunters, sportsmen and their organizations for its funding.”

Larry with his loyal bird dog “Dottie” after some success.

Building Industry Endorses Hoff

The Building Industry Association of Clark County’s (BIA) political action committee Building Industry Group has endorsed Larry Hoff’s bid for reelection to the Washington State House of Representatives.
In response Representative Hoff said, “The BIA represents over 12,000 hard working professionals in the construction industry. They are the region’s leading building industry and small business advocate. I am more than honored to receive their endorsement for re-election. Thank you BIA!”

Association of Realtors Endorse Hoff!

The Clark County Association of Realtors has endorsed Larry Hoff for State Representative in the 18th Legislative district.  Larry was informed of the endorsement by The Association’s Public Affairs Director, Rian Davis in a phone call Thursday.

“The Clark County Association of Realtors is one of the most important players in protecting private property rights and addressing housing affordability here in Clark County,” Hoff said.   “I am deeply honored that the association has decided that I am the better choice when it comes to representing the people on these critical issues.”

According to their website;
“One of the key services offered to members by the Clark County Association of REALTOR® is research and information on governmental activities, and representation before local governments by Government Affairs Committee Members and a Governmental Affairs Consultant (GAC).

CCAR government action policies are developed through the Governmental Affairs Committee and reported to and approved by the CCAR Board of Directors. CCAR positions and policies in support of private property rights and to the right of REALTORS® to conduct business are advanced pro-actively through contact with public officials, BOD resolutions, press releases, position papers and information forums and testimony before public bodies.

The objective of the policies is to increase REALTOR® visibility within governmental entities and with the public, influence change when appropriate to ensure the continued protection of property rights, and support reasonable community planning and infrastructure development to promote affordable housing.”

BIA Endorses Larry Hoff!

The Building Industry Association (BIA) of Clark County has endorsed Larry Hoff for State representative in the 18th legislative district.

In an email to Hoff, Ryan Makinster Government Affairs Coordinator of BIA of Clark County said the following…
“I am writing today to inform you that the BIA Board of Directors recently voted to endorse your candidacy for the Washington House of Representatives.
Through our non-partisan Building Industry Group PAC, we support candidates that understand the issues important to the home building industry and align with our goals, such as reducing regulatory burdens, addressing the need for affordable housing and expanding access to developable land.”

“The Building Industry Group (BIA) of Clark County just honored me with their endorsement. The BIA is comprised of a variety individuals and companies who understand that small businesses and all facets of the building industry are the engine that drives our economy. I am in total alignment with their goals. Thank you BIA!”, Hoff said in a statement about the endorsement.

According to their website.  The core mission of the Building Industry Association of Clark County is to promote & protect the building industry. Through a multi-faceted approach to government affairs, public relations and professional development, the BIA is the region’s leading building industry and small business advocate. The Association also serves as a single resource for members and the general public on everything industry-related.