BIA Endorses Larry Hoff!

The Building Industry Association (BIA) of Clark County has endorsed Larry Hoff for State representative in the 18th legislative district.

In an email to Hoff, Ryan Makinster Government Affairs Coordinator of BIA of Clark County said the following…
“I am writing today to inform you that the BIA Board of Directors recently voted to endorse your candidacy for the Washington House of Representatives.
Through our non-partisan Building Industry Group PAC, we support candidates that understand the issues important to the home building industry and align with our goals, such as reducing regulatory burdens, addressing the need for affordable housing and expanding access to developable land.”

“The Building Industry Group (BIA) of Clark County just honored me with their endorsement. The BIA is comprised of a variety individuals and companies who understand that small businesses and all facets of the building industry are the engine that drives our economy. I am in total alignment with their goals. Thank you BIA!”, Hoff said in a statement about the endorsement.

According to their website.  The core mission of the Building Industry Association of Clark County is to promote & protect the building industry. Through a multi-faceted approach to government affairs, public relations and professional development, the BIA is the region’s leading building industry and small business advocate. The Association also serves as a single resource for members and the general public on everything industry-related.

Washington Food Industry Association Endorses Hoff!

The Washington Food Industry Association (WFIA) has endorsed Larry Hoff for State Representative in the 18th Legislative district.

Jan Gee, President & CEO of WFIA in a letter to Hoff said, “You have shown concern for, and support of , the independent, privately held grocery industry, its local owners ant their employees…  We look forward to working with you on important issues facing our state and members.

I was 13 years old when I landed my first real job. It was in a small town independent grocery store. That experience helped form the set of work ethics I hold as vital to this day. For that reason, receiving the endorsement from the Washington Food Industry Association (WFIA) is special indeed. The WFIA is the only state based grocery association and one of the oldest associations in Washington. They pledge to be an advocate for independent grocers and, in a small connected way, I’ve been a fan of theirs since I was 13 years old.“, said Hoff in reaction to the endorsement.


Washington Hospitality Association Endorses Hoff!

The Washington Hospitality Association has endorsed Larry Hoff for State Representative in the 18th District.

On behalf of the members of the Washington Hospitality Association, we are pleased to formally endorse you for election to the Washington State House of Representatives.  We recognize your commitment and service to your community, district and the hospitality industry in Washington State.” said Julia Gorton, Director of Government Affairs for the Washington Hospitality Association.

In response to the endorsement Hoff made the following statement…
“Receiving an endorsement for my campaign from a world class group like the Washington Hospitality Association means more than words can express. WA Hospitality has a concise yet very strong mission statement “Our mission is to help our members succeed.” Helping their members succeed also helps all of us as their businesses add jobs and revenues to all local economies. I’m proud to be a recipient of their endorsement.”

AGC Washington Endorses Hoff!

The Associated General Contractors of Washington have endorsed Larry Hoff for State Representative in the 18th District.

Larry Hoff made the following satement in reaction to the endorsement…
“I just received word that the Associated General Contractors of Washington (AGC)has endorsed me in my race for the 18th District State House of Representatives. AGC is a premiere professional association of contractors in Washington. Their members are a large part of the revitalized economic engine we are seeing all over the state. I am more than proud to have received their endorsement!”

According to AGC’s website: “AGC of Washington has more than 600 member companies, more than 175 of which are general contractors, and has significant programs involving government and labor relations, group insurance, workplace safety, workforce development and more.”

Republican House Leader Endorses Hoff

The Washington State House Republican Leader, Representative J.T. Wilcox (2nd LD) has endorsed Larry Hoff for State Representative.
“Larry is deeply embedded in the fabric of his district and will have no trouble putting their concerns first when he votes on an issue in the House. SW WA needs that dedication.” said Representative Wilcox in an online statement.

After spending a morning discussing strategies and core beliefs with J.T. Wilcox, Leader of the House Republicans, Mr. Wilcox enthusiastically offered me his personal endorsement. To suggest I’m honored to have his endorsement would be an understatement at best.” said Hoff in reaction to the endorsement.


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