Thoughts on Transportation

An efficient and viable transportation system is essential for the economic and social well-being of our community. One of our region’s biggest transportation challenges is addressing the congestion associated with crossing the Columbia River. Whether making this crossing for commuting to work, engaging in commerce, or for entertainment/social reasons, our citizens are spending far too much of their precious time in traffic. There is no one easy fix to this problem, but rather a series of immediate and long-term decisions and actions.
Our local State Legislators have initiated the first step to disentangle this knot by coming together and passing legislation that begins the process of replacing the inadequate and outmoded I-5 bridge. They also, in this legislation, provided a pathway to address the very real long-term need to begin the discussion and planning for additional crossings and corridors for the future.
I whole heartedly support these efforts, and look forward, as your next State Representative of the 18th District, to collaborating with the rest of our local delegation (and Oregon, who now seems willing to join us at the table) in the pursuit of solving our transportation challenges.