The Washington State Retail Association Endorses Hoff

The Washington State Retail Association has endorsed Representative Larry Hoff for re-election to the State House of Representatives in Washington’s 18th Legislative District.
Per their website, “the Washington Retail Association (WR) is the state’s only association exclusively dedicated to advocating the unique interests of retailers on legislative and regulatory issues. Its reach includes federal, state and local governments, especially Seattle, which increasingly has been setting legal trends for the rest of the state.
WR represents more than 4,000 storefronts statewide that range from large national chains to small shops. Our members include wholesalers, dealers, professional services and mall owners and operators. Though a unique state association, WR maintains numerous partnerships with like-minded associations and chamber of commerce across the state and nation.”
“In recent months we’ve all learned just how important our local retailers are to us as we go through these uncertain times. We rely on them for goods and essential services every day and now more than ever. That is why I feel honored for them to put their trust in me and rely on my work in the legislature.”, Hoff said in reaction to the endorsement.